She believed she could so she did.

i just burned 1200 calories (i forgot the pizza in the oven)



I don’t get these posts that go like “part of me wants to be a hot girl at the bar and the other part of me wants to read and sip tea in a bookstore”

like you can wear red lipstick and a leather jacket and sip tea and dance in the rain and go to the gym and curl up in bed and get turnt the fuck up and go to church

you can literally have it all sis

the world is yours

This is the most inspiring thing I have ever read

my mom: it's 11 go to sleep
me: actually its 10:58

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holy shit can you even see how fucking adorable this is im smiling so hard rn

They are gonna grow up together being best friends and playing together and have a special bond

then when the baby is a young boy the dogs will die

Thanks for your input satan


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